Master of Psychic Energy

                                    ...AWAKEN your "Psychic Super Senses"



... and YOU?

Do you go to bed at night, pull the covers up over your head and think you are safe from "Negative Psychic Energy"?

Well, think again!

When the television commercials mention bugs in your pillows, you cringe. But do you realize there might be something even worse crawling around your house... slithering across your walls... hiding in your furniture.... dripping down from your celings?

"What is it?"

"It is called psychic dirt."

Every day you give this dirty energy "a piggyback ride" into your home AND you don't even know it.

If you have been to the mall it gets even worse. At the mall you can pick up loads of negative energy. It clings to your clothes, seeps into your hair, and sticks to your body like glue.

Exhausted... stressed out... maybe angry... perhaps disappointed...

At the end of your shopping trip, you bring all those negative energies, plus the energy from all the other people at the mall, right into your living room.

You plop down on the couch and all that negative energy oozes down into your furniture. Then along comes an unsuspecting victim, probably a member of your family, who sits on the couch and gets full of all that "mall energy". Then they start feeling exhausted.. stressed out... angry... disappointed... and...

Do you really know what is in your house and what is in your furniture?

Wouldn't it be great if you knew "psychic energy techniques" to help you clean your home of all this bad energy.


Sleepless In Texas

Has this ever happened to you? You lay awake at night waiting for sleep to come, but it never does. You are so stressed you want to scream. You can't sleep. Your muscles are so strained, they burn.

You can't think of anything else but that tension right between your shoulder blades. You feel so stressed out that even thinking causes you more tension.

"Relax! Relax!" you command your body, but the body simply ignores you.

You start thinking, "I can't stand it any more. I can't just lay here. I have to get up. Maybe if I move around my muscles will relax."

"Get up!"

But, when your foot hits the floor another thought races through your mind. "I am too tried, I can't get up."

You look at the clock, it is 5:30 a.m.

Finally, you dose off into a peaceful sleep. Thirty minutes later the alarm goes off.

Today you are scheduled for the most important meeting of your lilfe.

Eyes bloodshot, brain unfunctioning, you head for the shower.

What if I told you that psychic energy can cause these sleepless nights. Why put yourself through such experiences? The "Psychic House Cleaning" e- course could solve that problem with just a few easy psychic techniques.

You DO NOT have to allow psychic energy to control your life.

Psychic Dirt Sneaks In

That's right, psychic dirt sneaks into your house... every single day. You are constantly bringing in dirt on your clothes, in your hair, on your body, and on packages. Your friends, neighbors and children make several daily deposits of bad energy in your house. After all it is a dirty world out there.

You really need to learn to clean your own house. Then you can do a little room cleaning whenever necessary.

AND... if you really get good with the techniques in your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course, you might even want to become a "psychic house cleaner" yourself. Then you could charge others for your services.

Once Learned
Do The Process Over and Over Again

Once the process is learned you can do it over and over again every time your house gets dirty or your office or your friends' homes, or your relatives' homes. Use the technique you learn in your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course everywhere. When you learn the techniques to do the simple exercises you can clean your house, with practically no effort, in less time than it takes you to drink a cup of coffee.

What Is This Stuff
You Call Dirty Psychic Energy?

Now I know it is hard to imagine the necessity for removing something you can't even see like psychic dirt. Instead of straining to see it, you may just want to feel it to convince yourself it is really there.

Psychic dirt really does seem to be invisible to most people.

Where does it come from?

"Well, psychic energy actually is neutral. And then.... emotions start clinging to it... telepathic thoughts cling to it... arguments cling to it... and a million other things.

Then along you come and you inadvertently walk right through this whole mess. The negativity clings to your clothes and you take it wherever you go. You even invite it into your home. And there it stays... until you do something about it... until you take time to kick it out. In your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course you will learn kicking..., cracking... dissolving... melting... and moving techniques to help you say goodbye to this negative type of energy.

It's Time To Gather Up Some Friends
And Have Some Fun House Cleaning!

"But why do I need friends, can't I do these exercises all by myself?"

"Actually you can."

But friends can make the classes much more enjoyable, and they can help you to verify the results you achieve by practicing the exercises.

Imagine This

You and your friends meet at Mary's house or Tom's House this week. You laugh. You do a simple psychic house cleaning exercise. Everyone discusses what they saw and did. Then you take a tea break to rest your psychic system.

You go back and do another psychic house cleaning exercise. Then it is time to discuss the results.

You can't wait to tell everyone what you were able to do. But everyone has to have THEIR time to speak. When it is FINALLY your turn, you say something like, "I never dreamed I would be able to do something like that."

You excitedly discuss how much you have accomplished.

As you drive home you feel so relaxed and exhilarated from the energy you were working with. You can't wait until next week when you will meet your friends again and play with psychic energy.

The next morning you wake up and the first thing you think is, "That was so much fun, I think I will go psychically clean my house right now."

I know this is the way you will probably feel, because this was my life for 9 years, while I took more and more complicated classes.

What If I Don't Want To Work With Friends?

"Don't tell anyone, I don't have any friends."
"I have a ton of friends, but I prefer to work alone."
"My friends aren't into this psychic stuff."

"That's okay, I understand."

For your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course you can work alone. You don't need anyone to help you, but there are advantages to working in a group.

  • Friends can help you accept the fact that psychic energy is real.
  • They can offer new information.
  • When you don't see or feel energy, they might be able to see and feel energy.Then they can describe to you how they did the exercise... what they saw... what they felt... what they heard.

A group atmosphere just helps you learn faster.

Is This Going To Take A Lot Of Time?

"I am too busy to take time out of my schedule to learn this stuff."

One-night-a week meetings is the recommended practice schedule, so there is very little time required to practice as a group. The group will keep you motivated and you will look forward to your practice session each week.

You should practice alone, too, when you feel like it. The more you practice, the more your psychic system grows. Anything you want to really get good at, takes a little time. You decide how much effort you want to put into the exercises.



In 5 easy lessons you and your friends, who volunteer to be your helpers, will learn how to clean your house of psychic dirt using simple psychic techniques. No pendulums, no tools, just your hands and your BRAIN.

  • First you will learn how to feel energy and gain some control over it by "Playing With Big Foggy Balls of Energy" which you will then feed to energy-eating plants.

  • Next you will find "a Mighty River" that is capable of running across ceilings, over walls, through doors, windows and walls. You will learn how one thing is able to pass through another.

    AND you are going to make energy fly through the air following an invisible path that you set for it.

  • If you think you know how to use your fingers, you have no idea of what is waiting for you in the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course. I will teach you how to develop "Super-Fingers".

  • "Yes, but I can't tell you about it right now. I am saving it for a surprise."
  • In your next class you are going to learn how to melt your house.

    "Melt my house!"

  • You have got to be kidding."

    "Yep. Melt your house just like ice-cream melts.

    Then you will learn how to enter a cave, become a spelunker and deal with the stalagtites and stalagmites you find there.

  • Last, but probably the most exciting class is learning how to sing.

    "But I can't sing."

    "Don't worry you can sing silently if you like."

    For this technique you are going to take a lesson from an opera singer. You are going to learn how to clean your house using nothing but "Sound".

    "I am going to learn to sing my house clean?"


    "Hmmmm!!! This all sounds like a lot of work."

"Not really, while you are learning these techniques, you are going to laugh and play and have a good time. And then you will wake up one morning and feel empowered by all the ways you have learned to control psychic energy.

You Have Been Snoozing Too Long
It's Time To Wake Up Your Entire Psychic System

You may not even know that you have a psychic system.

Let me tell you a little secret.

When one of your senses is activated, it raises all of your senses (feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and maybe even tasting). You aren't just learning how to do psychic house cleaning, you are growing a psychic system.

Here is what one student who finished the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course had to say about the course:

"Psychic House Cleaning "

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Psychic House Cleaning e-course. It was great! I've become quite proficient with the five techniques and my friends have benefited greatly as well.

I admire your lucid and unpretentious style. The lack of deliberate mystification is truly refreshing. I had a feeling this e-course would be worthwhile and I have not been disappointed. Kudos!

I would love to obtain more information on the beneficial variety of “
thought forms” (geometric helpers), their deliberate creation, and the kind of useful purposes for which they could be ideally suited. I imagine this material could become the basis of an entirely new e-course; I certainly hope so.

I would be very pleased if e-courses on topics like: Psychic Self-defense, Psychic Healing, and the Conscious Creation of Geometric Helpers suddenly became available at your web site. Your articles are tantalizing but they leave me wanting more!

Thank you so very much!

Eagle, Florida


And when I decided to send August a bonus e-course, here is the reply:

"How to Make A Psychic Machine"

Thank you so much for the "How to Make a Psychic Machine" e-course.

I found it extremely useful and practical. I've created a very efficient one and experimented with it extensively… what a wonderful idea!

Eagle, Florida


Clean It Or Sell It

If you think you don't know "what psychic dirt feels like", then think about this. You walk into a house and it "seems" dingy... you might "see" a slight yellowish color over everything... the house may "seem" cluttered... it just doesn't "feel" right.


You have just discovered psychic dirt. You can feel it.

If you ever want to sell your home, remember that other people "can feel your psychic dirt", too.

Always psychically clean your house before you try to sell it.

Pre-Inspection Of Your Home
In Search Of Psychic Dirt

In the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course, before you begin to psychically clean your house, you will do an inspection of your home. You will first, "get the feel of the room", then you will find places that don't "feel right." These are the places where you will begin your psychic house cleaning. You will perform a thorough inspection of each room, especially the kids' room. You might even witness some levitating furniture.

Thought Patterns
Friend Or Foe

What are "thought patterns"? Psychic energy can form patterns to stabilize itself. Think of it this way, you have probably seen those "magnetic constructon kits" in the kids department of stores. The most popular kind of construction kit has a series of balls and a series of stick shapes. Both are magnetic so when you get the stick close enought to the ball, the ball magnet grabs the stick. If you stick enough of these magnets together you get a geometric shape.

Psychic energy behaves in the same way. If you get some psychic energy close enough to some similar energy. The pieces of energy grab each other and form a pattern of energy. The more energy that joins together the bigger the pattern. In psychic energy patterns "like attracts like". The patterns are always hungry, "Need more energy!" Similar thoughts cause them to grow bigger and bigger and gain power as they grow. These patterns could exist for centuries. An observer centuries later could read those patterns and find out about the person that formed them.

When the patterns become powerful enough they start boadcasting tat energy. If the pattern is made of negative energy and you get close enough to it, you can be influenced by the negativity. An example might be depression. Depresson can be broadcast by a pattern in your house and influence the people who live there.

The good news is that you will learn how to destroy these negative patterns in you "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course.

Patterns and Psychic Geometric Helpers

Not all patterns are negative. Some patterns are there to help you. An example might be an author who writes in the same room every day. He may have unconsciously built a pattern in the room to help him with his writing.

I have actually constructed a pattern that look like grids covering the whole ceiling to help me teach a concept.

You will learn to be able to determine which psychic patterns are broadcasting good energy and which ones are bad. Then you will keep the good ones and destory the negative ones.

If you think energy just drifts around doing nothing, then listen to some of my stories

Stories From My Experiences
With Psychic Energy

The "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course is full of stories of my personal experiences with psychic energy.

"The Electrified Trailer"

What happens when you have adapted to living in psychic dirt and then you go on vacation and come back. I'll tell you all about my escape into the hills. And I will even invite you to peek inside my trailer. You should feel special. After all I don't invite just anyone into my bedroom.

Experience with me a beautiful sunset photographed by me, just before I returned to a world with so much psychic energy that my body went Zzzzzz!

Spend a Frozen New Year's Eve With Me

I will invite you to a New Year's Eve celebration and tell you how I almost turned into a frozen French fry... and my body was nude. Well, almost. And I came face to face with floating heads with missing bodies.

Other Stories

  • The Unbreakable Pyramid
  • Carlsbad Caverns Stalagtites and Stalagmites
  • Teenager Moves Furniture With His Psychic Energy
  • One Object Passes Through Another. How?
  • The Huge Pattern That Engulfed a Whole Room
  • Inviting In a Rainbow

What Could Psychic House Cleaning Do For Me?

  • Relax Tense Muscles
  • Help You With Insomnia
  • Remove Depression
  • Help Emotional Mood Swings
  • ReduceTiredness
  • Help Plants Grow
  • Make Pets More Peaceful
  • Put Yourself In A More Positive Mood
  • Let Discoveries Make You Feel Like You Are Walking On Air

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

I remember when I first started taking psychic classes, each class consisted of a single technique at a cost of $15 a night.

In your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course you receive 5 easy classes ranging in ability from beginner to some very advanced techniques... along with my personal experiences... plus the bonuses listed below.

I paid $15 dollars a class for much less information than I will reveal to you in your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course.

5 Techniques X $15.00 = $75

I could probably get a higher price, since much of this information is from my own experiences and is not available anywhere else.

Relax, I am not going to charge you even $75.

I am going to give you this e-course for half price.

5 Techniques X $15.00 = $75 divided by 1/2 = approximately $38

I really hope that offering this information at a reduced price will allow as many people as possible to have access to the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course. I consider this a very important e-course and I want students to be able to learn "the way" I learned.

For those of you reading my "Mysteries of the Universe" blog, you will know that I said the Year 2009 is a special year for psychics, because if I calculate the numerology number of the year it comes out to be #11. AND...eleven is the number for "psychic energy".

So I have decided that I am going to make the price of all my e-courses this year add up to be #11 to give them that exra little boost of energy.

The price is $38, when when you add the digits together then 3 + 8= 11.

Warning! As soon as I get some of the future e-courses I am working on completed, I am going to start raising the price for the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course. Don't get left out of this ridiculously low price I am offering you right now.

My goal is to train the best people to develop their psychic abilities, so they can go out and teach others. I hope this e-course and all of the other courses have wide influence on your style of life. If you don't want to be a part of this evolution, then I will gladly give your money back.


"How To Build A Psychic Machine"
Your Free Bonus eCourse

Wait! I just decided to add another e-course to your "Psychic House Cleaning" package. This was one of the most interesting classes I ever took at the Institutes. It is called... Drum Roll Please... the name of the new e-course you are going to get absolutely free is "How To Build A Psychic Machine".

  • No, you are not going to use electricity to run this machine.
  • No, you are not going to build it out of metal or wood or any other substance.
  • No, you are not going to use a motor.
  • It is not going to look like any other machine you have ever seen.
  • Does it work?
  • Absolutely!

Just imagine being able to build and control a psychic machine with your thoughts. The possibilities are unlimited about what you can do. Take this process into any area of your life and improve it.

The "Psychic Machine e-Course" consists of :

1. How To Build A Psychic Machine Instruction Manual
2. The Machine Design Workbook
3. The Psychic Machine Blueprint

All you need to design and build your very first psychic machine is included in this package.

Are you ready to join other cutting-edge psychic explorers on one of the most life enhancing voyages of your life?

Let me tell you how much easier your house cleaning will be with the addition of this psychic machine. Imagine walking into your house and feeling like the energy is not right. Maybe the energy has instantly made you a little depressed or angry. You are tired and you don't feel like doing any psychic house cleaning tonight but, on the other hand, you don't want to have to live with that negative energy.

What can you do?

How long would it take you to clean that room with a psychic vacuum cleaner?

Well... how long does it take you to say "On" and then later when the room is clean to simply say "Off". A few seconds perhaps. Could cleaning your house really be that simple?


You build a psychic machine once and it continues to clean for as many years as you program it to work. AND you get to program the machine to do whatever you want it to do.

In your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-Course you will recive all the instructions to tell you step by step how to build a psychic machine. It is really much easier than you would expect.

For Night Owls
...and Anyone Else

It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the night when you get the sudden urge to own a copy of "Psychic House Cleaning". This e-course is presented in a format that you can download and begin immediately to learn about a world filled with adventure and excitement.

Even if it's 4:00 o'clock in the morning.

If you are ready for a new adventure...Click the Order Now Button... and you can begin an exciting new phase of your life while the rest of the world sleeps.

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e-Courses are Offered in the Popular PDF format for instant download. When your credit card is approved you will be given a special download page where you will be able to download your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course plus the " Psychic House Cleaning Workbook" and the "Psychic House Cleaning Mind Map". Bundle all that together and add your free "How To Build A Psychic Machine" e-Course.

All of these "cutting-edge" products are yours for the amazing low price of $38.


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There's absolutely no risk to you. If you are not satisfied with your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course within the next 60 days you can request our 100% money-back guarantee. I have 100% confidence in this product, after all, I lived it.

Most businesses offer only a 30-day money back guarantee, but I am so sure you will love the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course that I have extended the offer to a "60-day guarantee".

This allows you time to experience the techniques and become convinced that you want to change your environment. You might even be so excited that you want to take another class to learn even more.

You can't lose, it's 100% guaranteed.

I will even give you my private e-mail address in case you have any questions. Order now to become a member of this elite group.

Instant Access

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e-Courses are Offered in the Popular PDF format for instant download. When your credit card is approved you will be given a special download page where you will be able to download "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course plus the " Psychic House Cleaning Workbook" and the "Psychic House Cleaning Mind Map". Bundle all that together and add your free "How To Build A Psychic Machine" e-Course.

All of these "cutting-edge" products are yours for the amazing low price of $38.


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You can download and begin experimenting with your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course immediately.

With my private e-mail address you can contact me, your instructor, if you have any problems or just want to brag about your accomplishments with the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course. I am a night owl, so don't be surprised if your e-mail is answered in the middle of the night.


FREE "Psychic House Cleaning Workbook"

Along with the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course, I am also sending you "The Psychic House Cleaning Workbook". It includes a template of questions you can use to record your amazing experiences.

I consider this workbook one of the most important tools in your "Psychic House Cleaning" learning experience. Your workbook pages will be stepping stones to take you deeper and deeper into your psychic exploration. Even years later that notebook will have the power to lead you into new experiences EVERY TIME you read it.


FREE "House Cleaning Mind Map"

I have also included a "Psychic House Cleaning Mind Map" you can look at that one chart and see everything you have studied in one glance. The mind map is a handy guide you can pick up at any time, even years latter and see exactly the steps you went thought to clean your house.


(This Mind Map Enlarges to Full Page pdf Page
Inside Your "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course)


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e-Courses are Offered in the Popular PDF format for instant download. When your credit card is approved you will be given a special download page where you will be able to download the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-course plus the " Psychic House Cleaning Workbook" and the "Psychic House Cleaning Mind Map". Bundle all that together and add your free "How To Build A Psychic Machine" e-Course.

All of these "cutting-edge" products are yours for the amazing low price of $38.


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You Can Print and Bind

You can print out one copy of your entire "Psychic House Cleaning" e-Course and the "Psychic House Cleaning Workbook" and you can also print out your multi-colored "Psychic House Cleaning Mind Map". You can even take your printout down to your copy store, and for a low price, they will be able to bind it for you. Then you will be able to lay back in front of a hot fire, wiggle your toes and sip on hot chocolate and bonbons while you learn to turn yourself into the person you never imagined you could be.

Bon apetite!

Sandra ColleRain


Disclaimer:The statements above are meant to tell you what it is possible to do with the psychic techniques presented in the "Psychic House Cleaning" e-Course.

They are not intended to represent what everyone will achieve immediately. Each student's success depends on the amount of time he or she puts into the practice sessions.

However, I will tell you that everyone in the class I attended was able to perform each of the exercises presented during the one-hour "Psychic House Cleaning" e-class each week. To succeed with every technique in just one hour a week is quite an accomplishment! To get good at Psychic House Cleaning you should practice each technique more than once.

Those who practice more will become better in the use of their abilities, just like you become better at any sport with enough practice. You may not be able to exactly duplicate the results I accomplished in the amount of time that others have succeeded in, but you certainly should be able to achieve those abilities with some practice over time. Just keep practicing and if you have any problems you will have my personal email address to discuss your progress.

Good luck!



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