Psychic Senses: The Day I Became A Dog

Sandra ColleRain | Psychic Experiences | Monday, June 8th, 2009

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really become a dog.  I just had “the nose of a dog”. 

It was totally unexpected.  I was standing in the middle of the grocery aisle.  Frost from the freeezer hit me in the face, and at the same time, I remember thinking, “I wish those tomatoes did not smell so strong.  I have to get out of here.”

Now, obviously, smelling tomatoes isn’t that unusual in a grocery store.  Lots of people smell vegetables when shopping in the produce department.  But what surprised me, I wasn’t even in the produce department.  I was on the opposite side of a Signature Randall’s grocery store.  The Signature stores are their biggest stores. 

I stood on the opposite side of the store, as far away from produce as I could get, and was overwhelmed with the smell of the tomatoes, ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE STORE, so strong that I might as well have been holding the tomato right under my nose. 

That was the night that I spontaneously had a new psychic ability.  I had “super smell” or you might call it “doggie nose”. 

If someone at that time had placed a piece of clothing under my nose.  I could have followed it like those sniffing dogs that track down escaped criminals through the woods. 

I checked just to be sure.  I didn’t have any floppy dog ears and I was not wagging a doggie tail. 

Psychic abilities happen very unexpectedly just like that.  One second I didn’t have an ability and the next minute I was amazed at my new “super psychic ability”.

“How did I get the ability of ‘super smell’ ?”

“No I did not go to a psychic class on “sniffing”.

It was at this time that I discovered something I had never been taught in my psychic classes.  The body’s psychic system is all integrated.  Sight, smell, taste, feeing and hearing…  all these senses increase together.  When you work with one psychic sense and make it stronger then all 5 psychic senses increase. 

I had worked hard in my classes increasing my psychic “sense of touch”.  My hand and, what it could “feel” from any distance became my most sensitive psychic ability.  My hand was supersensitive but my psychic vision and my psychic hearing had not yet been activated. 

No one was more surprised than me when, on that day at the grocery store, I was suddenly given the sense of “doggie nose” or what I perfer to call “super smell”.  I had never worked to develop any “smell abilities”.  Psyhic abilities happen in just that way, they come fast, and they come unexpectedly. 

So, when you begin to study psychic abilities, be ready to be very surprised by the unexpected.  Of course, when one of these abilities pops up out of nowhere, it is the best feeling in the world… a feeling of amazement… self confidence hits a new all-time high… AND the world seems better in every way.

Written by Sandra ColleRain Copyright © 2009

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