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Sandra ColleRain | Pychic Energy | Saturday, January 10th, 2009


At the beginning of this New Year it is a great time to learn how to psychically clean out your house.  You don’t want to start the year sluggish and not at your creative best. 


If you think that your house is psychically clean then think again.  I can guarantee that your house is full of psychic dirt. 


What makes me so sure of that?


Well, for one thing every time you go to the grocery store you bring psychic dirt into your house.  Every time you go to the mall, you bring in massive amounts of psychic dirt that has stuck to your clothing.


What are some of the symptoms of a dirty house? 


            1.  Your house may seem unclear.

            2.  There may seem to be a yellow haze covering everything.

            3.  Being inside your house makes you tired.

            4.  Sometimes you might feel angry for no reason.

            5.  You may have trouble sleeping at night.

            6.  You might feel claustrophobic in the house. 


These symptoms might be caused by the fact that your house is psychically dirty.


“Oh, dear.  What should I do?”


Well, you actually have two choices, you can hire someone to clean your house or you can learn to clean it yourself. 


The person who you might hire to clean your house could live anywhere in the world and still have the ability to psychically clean your house.  She would have to be able to tune into your house.  She could do this by talking to you on the phone, or getting some information about where you live and what is going on.  Perhaps she would ask for a picture to tune into the house.  Remember time and space don’t matter in the psychic field. 


But hiring someone to clean your house is going to be expensive AND it will not solve the daily problem of dirty energy in your house.  I have already discussed how you bring psychic dirt into your house all of the time. 


“I don’t want a dirty house!  How can I clean it myself?”


Well, lucky for you, I have just developed a course to teach you to clean your house in only 5 easy steps.  There may be only 5 steps, but once you have learned these techniques you will be able to clean out dirt any time you want to.  AND these are powerful psychic techniques. 


In the process you will learn how to feel energy, see energy, shatter energy, scrape energy, move energy through walls and doors, melt energy, break patterns, and find geometric helpers, plus much more.  When you have finished this course, your psychic abilities should be awakened and you should know many psychic techniques that most of the entire population of the earth does not even know exist.   


If you have moved into a used house, you can find out how to remove the negative energies that Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde left there.  Or kick out the Wicked Witch of the West who once lived in your house and left her energy scattered everywhere.   


If you moved into a new house, you will be able to find out what the workers might have done to your house. 


And learn what teenagers can do to furniture.  You won’t believe this one. 


In the process of your learning, I invite you inside my trailer.  And I show you a beautiful sunset. Then the world turns icy and I tell you about the New Year’s Eve that I almost turned into an icicle.


All of this is in my new “Psychic House Cleaning e-Course”.  The course is almost ready for you to learn some of the most important psychic techniques you should know.  After all your house is where you live and raise your family.  It is important to have a clean environment to keep yourself and your family in top mental and physical condition.


The “Psychic House Cleaning e-Course” should be available within a week or two.  


Don’t forget to come back to check out this new “Psychic House Cleaning e-Course” where you will learn techniques that you will use for a lifetime.   


Sign up in the box on the right top of this page and I will send you an announcement when the e-course is ready.  Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone have your e-mail address.  I will lock it down with a psychic invisibility shield.   



Written by Sandra ColleRain Copyright © 2009

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