Breaking Psychic Connections

Sandra ColleRain | Psychic Self Defense | Sunday, August 3rd, 2008


Many times when people are good friends or relatives or in other close relationships, they will connect to each other using a psychic cord.  Just think of it as a rope connecting two people together.  A psychic will usually tell you to disconnect that psychic cord and plug the end that is left on the other person into a tree so that they won’t lose energy, and then seal your own end of the psychic cord.


That sounds simple enough, but disconnecting from other people you have been in relationships with is not quite that simple.  There are at least 2 other factors involved.


  1. You have allowed someone inside your psychic system by dropping your shields
  2. You have done a psychic meld


Let’s discuss each one for a moment. 


People unconsciously or consciously shield themselves from others, but when there is trust, those people take down their psychic shields and let the other person in.  Then the relationship becomes more intense since there are no barriers. 


Then as far as I have ever experienced the worst psychic mistake is what I call the brain meld.  This is an extremely difficult connection to get out of, simple because there is no you and there is no them.  For reasons of trust somehow the two of you have agreed unconsciously to join your psychic systems together and act as one system.  Obviously this makes mental telepathy extremely easy to do since there is only one dual psychic energy system instead of two separate psychic systems. 


Think of it as two cups of water or two blobs of syrup being joined together.  How are you ever going to separate the two?  Extremely difficult and maybe the ultimate answer is… never.


I have had this happen to me once and believe me, I had to use everything I had ever learned and struggle for months with the separation.  At one point it seemed impossible to do.  It was like our two psychic systems had melted together. 


My advice to you is to never ever trust on that level.  Always at least have a small psychic shield up.  To face the world without shields is entirely too intense.  You can’t filter what is being sent at you.


Don’t worry.  Everyone has natural shields.  Just never let anyone talk you into dropping those psychic shields. 


Written by Sandra ColleRain Copyright © 2008 


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